Our product range is very completely can meet most of customers need. We are producing washed Arabica green coffee beans, unwashed Arabica green coffee beans, wet polished Robusta green coffee beans, unwashed Robusta green coffee beans, unwashed Liberica green coffee beans and weasel coffee.

Our Da Lat Arabica coffee beans are 100% pure Cau Dat Arabica coffee. They are planted in Cau Dat of Da Lat. Every local people knows it is the best Arabica coffee in Vietnam. Our Lam Dong Arabica coffee beans is from the highland area of the Lam Dong province of Vietnam which quality was accepted by many of our oversea buyers. Vietnam is the No.1 producer of Robusta coffee in the world. She has good quality Robusta coffee beans, like Buon Me Thuot Robusta coffee. Our Robusta coffee beans are sourced from nearby Buon Me Thuot where is the famous hometown of Vietnam Robusta coffee. Liberica coffee beans is a special coffee. Its quantity is not much in the world, its taste is different from Arabica coffee or Robusta coffee. This coffee also called Excelsa coffee in some countries. Our Liberica coffee beans are growing at limited area of our own province. Our weasel coffee bean was processed naturally by the animals. We do the drying process naturally by sun drying and ready to be sold.