Lam Dong Arabica coffee

 Lam Dong unwashed Arabica coffee, Grade 1, Screen 18 Lam Dong unwashed Arabica coffee, Grade 1, Screen 16 Lam Dong unwashed Arabica coffee, Grade 2, Screen 14

Da Lat Arabica coffee 

Vietnamese best Arabica coffee grows authentic Bourbon Arabica in the Cau Dat (also known as Da Lat) Highlands region of central Vietnam. The French introduced the cultivation of coffee to Vietnam during the late 1800’s. Cau Dat’s elevation and climate quickly proved the region as being the best in Vietnam for growing Bourbon Arabica. The beans, grown at 1600 meters above sea level, ripen slowly in the cool air and rich volcanic soil to achieve a sophisticated flavor quality. All coffees are shade-grown and environmentally responsible. These heirloom Cau Dat Bourbon beans are exceptionally aromatic and rich, possessing a fullness of flavor that has been lost in modern, over bred Arabicas.